Targeting on Google’s Display Network (GDN): The Lowdown on Layering

Historically, the Google Display Network (GDN) had limited features, and it was impossible to fine-tune and narrowly target segments/users/customers. Today, there are more ways advertisers can target people/users interested in buying products or services. Furthermore, we’re better able to layer products so they work in tandem. In this article, I’ll discuss some of the targeting […]

How To Apply Neuroscience Principles To Your Landing Pages

I recently learned some neuroscience tips at a seminar called The Human Mind & Usability, which was hosted by well-known usability experts the Nielsen Norman Group. In this article, I’ll discuss easy and effective ways to incorporate the discipline of neuroscience into landing pages. The same principles can obviously be used for other website pages […]

7 Mobile Landing Page Tips You Can Implement Tomorrow!

So you’ve set up your mobile PPC campaigns, but are these searchers converting? Mobile, mobile, mobile. It’s all we hear about these days! Even so, many marketers are still not taking steps to fully optimize their PPC landing pages for mobile users. In this article, I discuss several factors that can really make a difference […]

Get Your High-Performing Ad Copy Today! Buy Now!

Despite what many think, writing ad copy isn’t easy. It takes time to come up with good ad copy! As a result, many in the industry have developed and refined processes for generating high-performing ad copy. In this article, I’ll summarize the process that I follow and share some useful tips I’ve learned from others. Whether you’re starting from […]

How To Drive Phone Conversions With PPC (Search Engine Land)

Back in the day, we used phones for everything! We dialed 411 to find someone’s contact information, called shops to inquire about store hours, and bought items from a catalog over the phone to have them shipped to our homes. Enter the digital age. As internet access became widespread, we marketers became consumed with connecting with our audiences and prospects digitally. We assumed […]

5 Search Ad Copy Resolutions For 2015 (Search Engine Land)

It’s that time of year again! Time to set some PPC New Year’s resolutions! And what better item to start with than ad copy? Done right, re-writing your ad copy is one of the most impactful changes you can make in an account and a sure-fire way to improve PPC performance. Unfortunately, ad copy is sadly […]

Understanding Cross-Device Attribution And Adjusting Campaigns Accordingly

Today, desktop computers drive the most clicks on search ads and conversion events on websites. But tablets and mobile phones aren’t chopped liver, either. These devices “assist” sales and can be very important depending on the time of day and/or where your customer is in the overall buy cycle.  They are important to consider in […]

What’s Ahead For Paid Search?

In addition to focusing on today’s issues, smart marketers keep trends and likely future developments in mind. That’s why I’ll share how I see paid search evolving in the reasonably short term. To start, let’s cover trends that will shape the future of paid search. Intuitive Search And The Influence Of Mobile Searching per se will […]

Getting Online Video Ads Right! (Marketing Land)

More advertisers are taking advantage of video advertising opportunities. According to the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report for 2013, video ads are increasing in popularity, rising up to become the fourth largest ad format after search, display/banner and mobile. Meanwhile, search and display ads are losing ground. Continue reading on Marketing Land