Expanded Paid Media

Google Ads and Microsoft Ads (aka PPC) aren't the only ways to grow your business through targeted online advertising. Our savvy clients know that multiple channels play well as a team, each doing their part to influence a prospect's purchase decision.

The primary channels we handle for our clients as part of our expanded paid media offering include:

Paid Social

Whether managed conservatively for remarketing and emphasizing seasonal promotions, or more expansively for targeted prospecting, aid Social is a must for most advertisers.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic can greatly expand reach and offers more intricate targeting options than typically offered by the major publishers. Campaigns need to be planned with the right strategy and launch with strong creative assets, or they don't launch!


Google's expanded offerings, such as YouTube and Demand Gen campaigns.


Numerous other publishers as dictated by the specific client goal.

The mix is determined by you, the client, aided by strategic budget allocation recommendations from our team. Our lead PPC account managers and paid social managers work seamlessly together, and with you.

Page Zero offers these services to suit the unique goals for existing clients of our core Google Ads services, as opposed to “a la carte”. (Hence the notion of “expansion” of the reach provided by the core Google channel.) We believe in powerful, impactful campaigns. “Nibbling” won’t get it done!

Sound like this could be a fit? Let’s talk!

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