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Due to the growing volume of B2B pitches (mostly spam), we have to filter out a lot of noise nowadays. We’re busy. 99% of voicemails seem to be spam. ☹ If you’re a cold-calling salesperson, you do not get points for trying and you will not get any response!

LinkedIn may also be helpful. Please direct questions or outreach to our Director, Business Development, Shawn Downey.  No B2B pitches or other insincere outreach, please. In plain language, whether it’s in LinkedIn, email, or phone, don’t spam us!

Office Address:
The Steele Briggs Building
49 Spadina Ave., Suite 206, Toronto, ON M5V 2J1

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Office Address:
The Deloitte Building
100 South 4th Street, Suite 550, St. Louis, MO 63102