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We’re a PPC agency based in Toronto, Canada. Google AdWords. Bing Ads. What a concept: you only pay when someone clicks your highly relevant ad. Keyword-driven advertising is the most targeted and accountable form of marketing ever. Page Zero is the paid search marketing agency that will guide your PPC campaign management to new levels of performance. Review our digital marketing services:


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We’re a certified Google AdWords consulting agency with a team of PPC specialists obsessed with paid search marketing performance. 

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Technical SEO + Content Strategy + Social Integration = Findability! Get in sync with how Google really measures relevance in 2014.

Website Development

Want web development but don’t need bells and whistles from global ad agencies? Our custom development solutions may be for you.

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Page Zero has improved digital marketing performance for hundreds of clients over the past 13 years. Review some of our recent client successes:

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