What Do These Google AdWords Features Really Do?

There are tens of thousands of PPC account managers out there today, which has led to a surprisingly wide range of account strategies. Can they all be right? If you’re an opinionated PPC pro like myself, you’re bound to think someone else’s theories are, well… weird. That bias being acknowledged, let the sparring begin!

Even some of the more thoughtful professionals in these ranks have been known to blithely enable a range of tough-to-fathom default settings and black box features. Google’s documentation for many settings and features is notoriously opaque. With so many folks using certain Google-approved settings, the contrarian in me suggests that doing the opposite might offer more efficiency or opportunities for optimization.

Whether deliberately or simply by a more Darwinian process of ideas that seem to “stick” with the platform-using public, you wonder if we are falling for certain features so enthusiastically because of how they are named (or as I would have it, framed). A psychological frame can go a long way towards lulling us into doing something that isn’t in our interest.

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