Page Zero Delivers Full-Service Social Media Management and Content Marketing to Linxup

Since Page Zero introduced full-service social media and content marketing services in 2013 under the banner of “Findability,” we’ve found a hungry audience waiting for these services among our paid search clients.

Linxup GPS tracking systemNow we’re pleased to announce the addition of another paid search client to the Findability stable — Linxup, a St. Louis-based company that provides GPS tracking for vehicles, fleets, and assets to businesses across North America. Our expanded engagement augments our success with pay-per-click advertising to include ongoing, full-service SEO, content marketing and social media management. After less than six months, Page Zero’s Findability efforts are showing promising results, especially in social media.

Page Zero began by collaborating on the creation of Linxup’s new website. In order to improve Linxup’s organic visibility and create a seamless, compelling user experience, the Findability team provided extensive insight into target keywords and site architecture, and produced new, keyword-rich website copy. These updates effectively communicate how the product works, as well as what benefits business can gain from using the Linxup GPS vehicle tracking system. Since the new website launched on October 26, 2015, Linxup’s e-commerce conversion rate for organic traffic has increased 19% year over year.

In addition to creating new website content as needed, the Findability team also produces in-depth, educational resource guides, and manages Linxup’s ongoing blogging strategy, including post creation, publication, and social media promotion. To reach our target audience of small to mid-sized business owners and fleet managers, blog posts address a variety of topics, such as the benefits of GPS fleet tracking, what tools and features are available, and new product updates. Resource and blog content is supported on social media with integrated curated content campaigns designed to promote content and maximize conversions while giving fleet managers and business owners an opportunity to engage with Linxup.

Page Zero’s social media management began by generating a detailed understanding of our target audience and designing a content mix that appeals to both existing and potential customers. Under Page Zero’s care, Linxup’s newly optimized Facebook and LinkedIn profiles serve as hubs for the fleet tracking community by regularly sharing topical industry commentary, new product features and promotions, and educational content surrounding the many benefits of GPS fleet tracking. These tactics engage new users, retain current customers, and give Linxup an opportunity reach out and create brand advocates.

In addition to finding and sharing relevant industry content on both social networks, the Findability team creates and continuously optimizes Facebook ad campaigns that are designed to increase page and company awareness and stimulate sales. Since Page Zero’s social media campaigns launched in January 2016, Facebook traffic has achieved a conversion rate of over 1% and social media traffic to the Linxup website has increased by over 1000% year over year.

About Linxup

Linxup provides real-time GPS tracking devices to small and mid-sized businesses across the United States. Their tracking devices are equipped with features like alerts for unsafe driving, a sophisticated reporting suite, and driver safety report cards. With a Linxup tracking device, fleet-based businesses can look forward to reducing their fuel usage and operating costs, as well as improving customer service and generating more revenue.