Job Opportunity: Senior Programmer, Tools

Page Zero Media seeks a Senior Programmer, Tools.

“Half my advertising is wasted — I just don’t know which half.” This (1874) lament by John Wanamaker remains a strong motivator for the analysis efforts of online marketers to this day. Fortunately, there really is no excuse to waste large chunks of budget overpaying for various segments of one’s online ad campaigns. Advertisers can adjust ad creative, geo segments, keywords, and other segments to manage them in keeping with response targets, a.k.a. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Today, some of this can be aided by automation.

Most PPC management automation is intended to help advertisers and agencies develop custom advanced reporting or programmatic management of campaigns, and almost all tools created to these ends involve the use of the Google AdWords API. In this regard, Page Zero’s current mission is no different. What’s different is what we want our tools to accomplish. In short, to fill in the gaps left by all the major platforms and various clever startups. We don’t intend to sell our solutions — simply use them to improve our client results.

The ideal candidate for the current open position will have a post-secondary degree in Computer Science along with significant training and aptitude in Mathematics and Statistics. In particular, the candidate will have strong experience and skills in the following:

  • Javascript
  • The AdWords API; Web services
  • Any relevant languages that will help you best get the job done. Ruby, Python, etc.
  • AdWords Scripts, a structured environment, but willingness to explore solutions beyond this structured environment
  • The inclusion of intermediate-level statistics and mathematical calculations in one’s code set, with some potential for advanced-level work.
  • A passion for creating “ad hoc,” useful solutions and outcomes for the benefit of an internal team. There is no far-reaching “platform” contemplated at this time.

Although less essential:

  • Some experience and aptitude for the user experience in reading reports, and in the design of a basic interface that is intuitive enough for an internal, experienced team to work with. Initial experiments will involve basic output such as email alerts, so don’t stress about this one!

Page Zero’s head office is in Toronto, Canada, with satellite offices in various North American locations. The ideal candidate would be located in the Toronto area or Southern Ontario, but other North American locations will also be considered.

About Page Zero

Page Zero Media provides detailed, ongoing campaign management to drive performance in online advertising, particularly in fast-moving PPC auctions such as Google AdWords. Page Zero also provides related services such as Technical SEO, Findability, and Content Strategy. For more information, see our service overview.

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