Google, Partners, and Loyalty (Or: Thanks for the Espresso Machine, But…)

It’s been just over three years since Andy Rooney died. For a time, there may have been a shortage of curmudgeonly commentary on our planet. Luckily, I’m here to pick up the slack. Or if you like, pretend Andy has come back to life, channeling Eminem: “This looks like a job for me… cuz we need a little grumpy old man, and it feels so empty without me.” La la la la.

As a consumer, are you as annoyed as I am by all the pesky hoops you have to jump through just to make a purchase? In my mind, the hapless shoe salespeople at the Geox store should be high-fiving and when a man of few needs such as myself decides he needs yet one more pair of shoes. Shoes specifically tailored to January. In a city that spreads salt on sidewalks like the Colonel batters chicken.

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