ClickZ Live Toronto: A New Conference Brand, a More Holistic View of SEM

clickzlive-toronto2014@2xSince – oh, about 1996 – anyone marketing online has been rightfully obsessed with ensuring their company, brand, or content outrank the other guys on the search engines. Whether it’s PPC or organic visibility, these clicks, on computers or in the mobile channel, “search” perennially seems to drive 50% or more of our website traffic.

That being said, conferences that restrict their focus to Search alone have felt a little confining. On the organic side, content strategies, technical SEO, and social media savvy need to be dealt with in an integrated fashion. Whether you’re driving and measuring leads or ecommerce sales, or primarily concerned about PR and your reputation, mastering multiple channels is a must.

On the paid side, the universe has exploded with ever more ways of buying media. Whether it’s Google or Bing PPC ads, Twitter or Facebook exposure, various forms of Display, or mastering specialized local sponsorships like Yelp or HomeStars, it all feels like it’s gotten “a little too big for SES.” So after 10+ years of SES Toronto conferences, a new brand is born: ClickZ Live Toronto.

As always, a variety of mission-critical current digital marketing tactics will be covered. The networking opportunities will be limited only by your imagination… and the drinks (not all of them, but a couple at the networking reception) are on us!

We’re thrilled that the keynote address on May 15 will be delivered by Kirstine Stewart, Managing Director, Twitter Canada.

You can catch Page Zero founder and President Andrew Goodman delivering the opening remarks for the conference on May 15. He’ll also cover Remarketing on May 16.

Andrew will be joined by a global cast of digital marketing superstars: Judith Lewis, Nick Beck, Simon Heseltine, Mel Carson, Jen Slegg, Jeff Lancaster, Guillaume Bouchard… whew! And you’ll no doubt run into the entire Page Zero team – Mona, Cory, Megan, more… at the event as well.

See you at ClickZ Live Toronto!