Remarketing Tips Born Of Years Of Experience

Retargeting is an awesome way to reengage traffic that hasn’t converted. Over the years, it’s evolved, and the tools have become more robust. With this development, we’ve uncovered some effective remarketing strategies.

In this article, I’ll cover some ideas related to engaging returning customers, obtaining new customers and remarketing related to specific search term queries.

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But before getting started, below are some general tips to remember:

Tip #1: Don’t Creep Your Prospects Out With Constant Ad Bombardment

Don’t show retargeted ads to everyone and their dog. Take the time to dig into targeting and figure out good ways to reconnect with your prospects. A very bad idea is to spray every nook and cranny of the internet with your ads. This is basically what you do if you don’t tailor your targeting.

Example: A company sells to do-it-yourselfers and retargets people when they are searching for DIY-related information. Many people will turn against you permanently if they feel stalked or are creeped out. Is it worth trading a few sales, and some decent-looking ROI numbers (on the surface), for a loss of credibility?

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