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Many companies are “doing” PPC.

But are they “nailing” it?

If you’re looking for comprehensive, active Google Ads account management, Page Zero’s services may be for you. We’re committed to working with our clients to deliver on their most important business goals. To become true partners, we’re as selective as you are. We’re looking for a few great fits. The results show.

Since launching Page Zero Media in 2002, Andrew Goodman has built a team of PPC specialists who are every bit as obsessed with PPC platforms as he is. Every lead PPC manager at Page Zero has five years or more PPC experience. Some have more than ten.

As a thought leader (he’s the author of Winning Results With Google AdWords, published by McGraw-Hill, and has spoken, moderated, and organized at more SEM conference events than anyone can count), Andrew takes it as a personal challenge to keep PZ’ers growing and learning.

Joining Andrew at the helm of our PPC team is VP Mona Elesseily. Mona’s longtime experience as an author, speaker, and PPC practitioner keep our team and our clients inspired and connected. In 2017, Mona was named a Finalist for SEM Executive of the Year at the Bing Agency Awards in New York.


Blue chip, black tie? Sure. But we also have to get our hands dirty. Get down in the weeds. Every day.

Our team’s ongoing learning – and friendly internal competition – are vital to sustained performance. Leadership sets the tone, but your seasoned Account Lead at Page Zero (ALPZ? Catchy! Taking performance to new heights!) has the chops and client-centric attitude to execute to your customized needs.

We’re all about hitting our numbers. For one of our flagship clients (e-commerce, confidential), we’ve been able to hit an ambitious ROAS target for the past 40 months… and counting. We surprise ourselves sometimes!

Think of us as your all-season tires for PPC. Good performance should be a year-round thing wherever possible.

% of Total Revenue, Paid Search Channel
Page Zero Client X (E-Commerce)
Paid Search Channel - 2015
Paid Search Channel - 2018

For many clients, including this one, PPC has come to the fore as the key growth driver in recent years. In only three short years, the total percentage of Company X’s revenues attributed to Paid Search has soared from 23% to 49%. To achieve this takes relentless optimization.

Sometimes the weeds are so deep, you can’t see straight. Our team’s versatility, formal education (in case you were wondering, we have a zoologist on staff), and love of tools and reporting ensure that we marry planning, analysis, and strategy with tactics in appropriate doses.

Whether you have a big account, a tough account, or a solid budget and a niche account, let’s talk!

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