Fraud Alert: Unmasking Page Zero Job Scams

Sadly, this may not reach everyone it needs to, but it has come to our attention that there’s an ongoing scam utilizing our company name, my likeness, and even our logos. (In part, there is also a fake website we can’t get taken down, ending in a .cc—but this wouldn’t matter if the perpetrators just kept changing domains).

Neither Page Zero nor I personally offer "jobs" that pay out through unusual crypto schemes and get promoted via cold outreach, through various success "forums" and group chats, WhatsApp, etc. It's not how we operate.

We’ll never ask anyone for any kind of payment.

We do not recruit anyone to do “data work”.

Our tight-knit list of clients pay us in the usual B2B fashion.

Our employees know who they are. If you’re not one of them, we’re not paying you, and you shouldn’t pay anyone claiming to be us.

Beware of scams. Please be on your toes. People will try just about anything to social-engineer their way into your information. If you’re a victim of financial crime, report it to the RCMP or comparable law enforcement in your jurisdiction.