Page Zero’s Andrew Goodman Talks PPC Automation at SMX West 2020 in San Jose, CA

san jose california andrew goodman talks ppc automation smx west 2020

Page Zero’s Andrew Goodman is headed back to SMX West in San Jose, CA on Feb. 19, 2020. He’ll be contributing his unique take on the panel PPC Automation: How to Push Forward, and When to Push Back. He’ll also be digging into real attendee accounts to help with practical tips on the SEM/PPC Clinic on Feb. 20.

Here’s what Andrew had to say about grappling with how to address people’s concerns and priorities in a world of increased levels of automation in marketing:

“In 19 minutes or less, I’ll teach people how to hold automation to account, and to push back when it’s actually worse to let the bots simply take over. There are big pitfalls to letting bots run amok to predefined goals—these include campaign cannibalization, and ‘cherry-picking’ easy outcomes to achieve the stated goal. Humans have a more evolved sense of various moving parts in the marketing mix. The machines aren’t yet architects of integrated, complex, and cagey strategies. But they are extremely good in areas where humans ‘have one job’ and typically fail to do it well.

“It’s always struck me that deep down, there was a kind of magic to the strategists (whether they be product developers, mall pitchmen, or major brand ad campaign creators) who could create a ‘seductive vision’ around a company’s offerings. And if seduction weren’t going to be on the menu that day, at least remind young men that a diamond ring should cost ‘about two months’ salary.’ 😅 The power big brands and old media used to have is really something to marvel at. It’s also interesting to speculate what tastes will evolve in the coming decades, and who will shape them. Who’s speaking for all the underrepresented demographic categories out there?

“Seth Godin touches on the ‘magic narrative effect’ (the power we used to have to tell stories) in All Marketers are Liars (title later changed to … Tell Stories). You put a bot on this same quest and it ‘perfects’ how to seduce the consumer, getting more ‘accurate’ with each iteration—and yet things get less seductive, not more so…just like the fate of poor omniscient Bill Murray as he attempts to win Andie McDowell’s heart in Groundhog Day.

“We are in the middle of an era where something is being lost. Things, as they say, will never be the same.

“Whether it be at SMX or in my spare time, I enjoy taking light-hearted jabs at the broader culture that is so paranoid about not seeming in tune with ‘pro-automation living’ that it makes itself ridiculous. There’s a currently-running Lexus commercial that has a couple remotely setting the house temperature, roomba-ing the house, etc., all because Mom’s coming over. This impressive, emotionless upper-middle-class family meets up at the appointed time, and nothing terrible has happened, such as Mom having to crank up the A/C manually because she arrived a few minutes early. And then they…sort of look at each other coldly. Maybe it’s too cold in the room? Or maybe we’re automating things that really aren’t mission-critical? Anyway, there’s no hugging. Or laughing or crying. No funky smells. No slipping on banana peels. Mission accomplished?”