2020: The Summer E-Commerce Economy that Kept on Churning?

Churning Waves

It’s pretty wild right now. A lot of the current economic devastation is real. The world has no shortage of other problems, too. To combat this, governments have injected fiscal stimulus into their economies. Central banks have invented new ways of expanding the money supply. The result has been an increase in asset prices (stocks) and […]

PZ Prognosticators Weigh In: Our Predictions for Tech Takeover in 2020

Business Person Gazing into Crystal Ball Search Marketing Predictions 2020 PPC SEO

What a decade it’s been so far! We’ve been through everyone else’s—and our own—humdrum 2020 predictions for PPC and SEO, and…frankly, we’re yawning up a storm! PPC and SEO in 2020 are our actual jobs, and we plan to kick ass at them. Now, movin’ on… Predictions about SEO and PPC tend to miss the […]

EU Antitrust Ruling: Google vs. Forces Bigger Than Even Itself

Whether it’s in the field of trade, tax, foreign investment, antitrust, culture, or anything else, initiatives that block foreign companies from doing business – while often well-meaning, and sometimes aiming for consumer protection, local justice, or even some international development objective – perhaps fail to realize their own flaws. Primary among them is protectionism. In […]

11 Ways Search Has Changed Since the Last Google Dance

To put it in perspective, the last time Google held its on-campus Google Dance in conjunction with the SMX West conference, George W. Bush was still President. In the Democratic Primaries following Super Tuesday 2008, it was far from clear that Barack Obama would defeat Hillary Clinton for the Presidential nomination. Obama had a slight […]

Why Marketers Should Have “CLIENTS” Vanity Plates (The SEM Post)

Weirdest. Client. Ever. Also, Great Client. Have you ever fantasized about your vanity plate? I have. For quite a while, I thought it would be cool to drive around with the plate ADWORDS. In Ontario, where they cram eight letters into a vanity plate, I could even go with PAGEZERO – following the logic of […]