SEO in 2019: Swan Song, or Timeless Classic?

We’re into a new calendar year, so naturally, digital marketing pubs are rife with information about how this is the year the SEO field will be shaken to its very foundations, radicalized, revolutionized, or even made obsolete. I’m here to summarize all of these imminent developments in one handy post… so you can completely transform…revolutionize… […]

Reactive SEO vs. Proactive SEO

I, for one, love and respect our spam-fighting, quality-content-loving overlords. Perhaps because I’m mainly associated with the PPC side of our company, I and my paid-media contemporaries can get a little cantankerous about the details of paid search products, as addicted to them as we and our clients may be. That can tend to overshadow […]

Pass Google’s Mobile-Friendly Website Test with These 3 Website Platforms

As I discussed in my previous post, Google’s huge mobile search algorithm update is just weeks away. Who will win? Who will lose? Who is born to sing the blues? If you’ve been pondering a responsive web design for the next build of your site, you’ll want to expedite your timetable. And if you’re still debating […]