Fresh Fish Sold Here Today? On Meddlesome Marketing Advice

There are literally hundreds of ways of telling the old marketing joke about the “FRESH FISH SOLD HERE TODAY” sign that appears by the fishmonger’s stall in the open-air market. (Here’s a really thorough version.) For those who’ve never heard it, the helpful observer helps the business owner whittle down the redundant words in the […]

The Great Enhanced Campaigns War of 2013: The Surprising Winner

As Google rolls out Enhanced Campaigns, many advertisers are petrified that prices will rise. Like all great rulers, Google has grand ambitions and a continuing need to finance them. While it has no shortage of cash on hand, its continuing source of cash – targeted clicks – has faced downward pricing pressure of late. Wall […]

Interview: Randomness, Black Swans and Fragility and How they Affect SEM (PPC Hero)

Yesterday we had an amazing opportunity to talk to Andrew Goodman who talked about Randomness, Black Swans and Fragility & How They Affect SEM. PPC Hero: Could you start by telling us a little bit about your background in PPC? Andrew: It’s nearly as simple as having tinkered with AdWords Select in Mar 2002 & being blown away […]

The Big Secret to Google’s Quality Score

Quality Scores on tough keywords are not a judgment that you’ve failed, they’re simply benchmarks of intent matching. Part two in a two-part series. In Part 1 we discussed what Quality Score does to your business performance. Now I will reveal the big secret to Quality Score. Google’s New Disclosure Unless you’ve been living under […]