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Social media consulting servicesSocial networks like Facebook and Twitter were once considered curiosities with little relevance to business. Those days are over! If you’re behind on your social presence, it’s not too late. Over the past three years, Page Zero Media has developed a systematic process to bring clients up to industry standard in the social media realm.

Social + Content + Technical SEO = Findability

Social media marketing, combined with high-quality, regularly-produced content, is sometimes also referred to as “inbound marketing” because the prospect takes in interest in what your business has to say (no mass broadcast shouting!).

At Page Zero, we offer a form of inbound marketing that we call Findability. Findability refers to integrated search and social marketing, beefed up with content strategy. Being found online is what it’s all about. Some things never change.

Social audiences crave infinite amounts of interesting, valuable information. Sometimes it goes viral, riding the waves of social connections.

No Content, No Search Rankings

Search engines have always rewarded good content with top rankings because good content gets linked, and inbound links are still one of the most important ranking factors. The problem is that it’s more difficult than ever to attract links naturally. So it’s imperative that we produce content that naturally attracts inbound links (and social shares!) on its own merits.

Until 2010 or so, it was relatively easy to achieve top search rankings by trotting out the same old SEO tricks – keyword stuffing, cloaking, anchor text manipulation, and vast quantities of low-quality links. We’re not in 2010 anymore. Current search algorithms are so sophisticated that spammy SEO tactics won’t fly. The new name of the game is quality content that customers engage with and share with their friends and colleagues online.

Many SEO experts contend that social sharing signals are one of the newest and most important organic search ranking signals. The more robust your social presence, and the more engaged your audience is with your content, the higher your content will rank.

This theory has been borne out in spades in our recent client work. Some clients had found that outdated SEO tactics were running out of steam, leading to stagnant traffic patterns at best. By implementing rich content and social strategies powered by Page Zero’s dedicated Findability team – and without neglecting core technical SEO – our clients’ traffic growth goals have gotten back on track.

Social Media as a Hedge against Search Algorithms

It’s becoming more difficult to achieve and maintain top search rankings, even with quality content. The #1 organic search result is often “below the scroll” due to the variety of ad formats that push organic matches down the page.

Even when you do everything to please search engines, your rankings are hardly set in stone, thanks to ever-changing search algorithms that place shifting importance of different ranking signals over time. It’s simply not safe any longer to rely solely on that one goose to keep laying those golden eggs. A diversified portfolio can protect against the whims of any one traffic source.

Our Findability Services

Page Zero handles all of the details of your social media and content marketing campaigns. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Develop targeted strategies for effective social and content marketing tailored to your audience
  • Develop realistic priorities rooted in current realities at all the key social media properties: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and more. Do what matters most for your business. We’re here to maximize the bang for your social media buck.
  • Directly manage your social programs or advise your in-house teams in daily management
  • Produce interesting and original content, and/or advise you on how to do so
  • Create and maintain social media posting schedules
  • Assist with content marketing production and blogging
  • Help you get online reviews
  • Online PR with blogger outreach for brand awareness and link building
  • Manage paid social advertising campaigns

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