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As a “PPC-focused agency” that received many requests to do SEO, in 2006 we decided to do something about it. But we noticed that the industry was still thick with a proliferation of useless services and misleading advice from fast-talking SEO firms who were ruining the reputations of respectable digital marketing professionals. How to combat the problem?

We’ve done our best to write and speak about long-term SEO strategies, of course. Many clients today are taking it upon themselves to arm themselves with more information about SEO, but it’s not always easy. For example, if you attend an SEO conference, there’s a good chance you’ll be stuck with an unwieldy mix of useless boilerplate feel-good platitudes from the search engines, and hard-edged or salesy advice from aforementioned “fast talkers”. Where is the objective, unbiased information? Nuggets (needles?) of wisdom wedged into the proverbial haystack of misinformation and generalities, unfortunately.

A lot is at stake for your company’s bottom line. Of course, you want to avoid short-term, harmful gimmicks.

SEO Done the Right Way

We’ve always taken a long-term view of SEO as embedded in content strategies, proper website architecture, and overall marketing and word of mouth savvy. The mindset of “think of the user first” springs from our long-standing foundations in the area of user experience (UX). How many search marketing firms can say they’ve delivered seminars at the Nielsen Norman Group User Experience conferences?

Our clients need someone they can trust for SEO, even though we haven’t always listed SEO as a service. So they frequently ask us for SEO.

So: in 2006, we developed a framework to address SEO strategy and planning. This proprietary framework shifts with changing search engine relevancy signals and visibility trends. The key is to provide a sound decision-making framework upon which an Action Plan can be executed.

Instead of a random laundry-list of to-do’s, our proprietary SEO 2.0 Framework provides a prioritized analysis grouped into seven “action buckets.”

Clients receive a deliverable in the form of an extensive audit and scorecard, complete with recommendations. From there, implementation is flexible; we can offer a coaching service, full implementation, or hand it over to your team. Client needs vary, so we only sell you as much SEO as you need.

And that’s about as much “selling SEO” as we feel comfortable doing right now! If you need help, let’s talk.

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