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Google AdWords Guide

Google AdWords: A Brave New World

By Andrew Goodman
40-page ebook

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Update, May 7, 2013:

The world of AdWords changes frequently, even though many of the fundamental principles do not. All of our past ebooks are now outdated, so we don’t recommend you download them. Instead, we recommend checking out the long-lasting principles contained in Winning Results with Google AdWords (2nd ed., 2008). At $15 for the Kindle edition, you can’t go wrong!

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Are you new to search marketing and looking to come up to speed quickly to Google AdWords? Or maybe you’ve just fallen a tiny bit behind, and you’re looking to re-engage with the latest thinking.

I just spent the past two years putting together the second edition of my “full” book on AdWords, the popular Winning Results with Google AdWords. As a current, comprehensive desktop reference, it can’t be beat. There are even bonus jokes in the footnotes! But I have to admit, 400 pages (yes, it’s 400 pages) is more than you can digest at a sitting.

So let’s ease into this. I’ve put together a free 40-page ebook (with pictures) that should be much faster read. Have a look. I think you’ll agree: there is no easy way to summarize Google’s big-brained systems.

But in this tiny pocket guide, I hope you’ll find the proverbial pain reliever to the headaches of complexity lurking in Google’s system. This guide, Google AdWords: A Brave New World, contains dangerously strong opinions and just a small dose of Bobby McFerrin. Just what the doctor ordered.

I’ll spare you the bullet-point benefit statements and table of contents. It’s free, for heaven’s sake! And all new for 2009. Enjoy.

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