National Parts Retailer. What recession?

Client Success Story: National Parts Retailer

Services: Display Advertising, Paid Search

It’s one thing to manage ad budgets for companies that are big in the first place. Generating rapid growth for small companies seeking to invest their small marketing budgets for maximum return is another challenge entirely.

Starting small in 2001, a national parts retailer began shipping parts of all shapes and sizes to DIY consumers When the recession hit in 2008, we learned that if there is any business that is truly recession-proof, it’s one that relies on your oven going on the fritz three days before the family arrives for Thanksgiving.

Paid search, powered by Page Zero Media, was the primary driver of growth for this client. With tight cost-per-order targets, a large and growing list of items, and increased competition, all facets of the campaigns must be tested regularly and managed meticulously.

This parts retailer isn’t “small” anymore, with eight figure annual revenues,  and paid search budgets larger than some of the world’s best-known brands. The company proudly employs a growing number of Americans as customer service reps and logistics pros at its facility in the southern United States.