Oxford Seminars. Consideration, then Action

Client Success Story: Oxford Seminars

Services: Display Advertising, Paid Search, SEO

Oxford Seminars focuses primarily on educating and training those who want to become certified to teach English as a Second Language abroad. Because coursework is done in live classrooms across North America, it is a high-consideration purchase. Often, those doing the searching are still pondering their next adventure or deciding on potential living arrangements abroad. Sometimes, the idea is passed along by friends or family members.

The metrics associated with efficiently generating leads for Oxford Seminars are both strict and subtle. Seeking low-cost leads on higher-intent keywords must combine with a deep understanding of behavior at the consideration phase. Classes are scheduled and company overhead is fixed, so the volume of leads matters. It simply won’t do to cherry-pick only a small number of the lowest-priced conversions.

Page Zero has developed a deep relationship with the behavior of keywords, ads, placements, and all dimensions of the Oxford Seminars account over more than six years of account management. Page Zero also weighs in on strategy and trends in organic search, and various technical issues. Like many companies, Oxford Seminars is focused on its own business, not every nuance in the tech world. It relies on Page Zero’s immersion in the industry, and our network of contacts, to be its “eyes and ears” on the digital marketing scene.

In 2012, this client also increased their organic search referrals 41% over 2011 levels (as a mature player, not an “upstart”), defying the apparent laws of the SEO “jungle.” Put everything together: redesigned sites and improved content at the client’s end; Page Zero’s structured SEO 2.0 Audit providing actionable advice and workflow; ongoing strategy advising; and simply waiting for Google’s algorithm updates to knock down low-quality competitors for the same keywords… and apparently, collectively, we were “doing SEO” towards a net business gain. By avoiding aggressive tactics and taking the long view, Oxford Seminars and Page Zero worked with the Google trend, not against it.

Oxford Seminars is a passionate client whose deep interest in marketing metrics has motivated Page Zero to go the extra mile, both analytically and literally. Their spacious facilities in Kingston, Ontario give us an excuse to travel down Highway 401 to enjoy what just might be the best Greek restaurant east of the Danforth. Great campaigns make you money. Great relationships: priceless.