X Superior profitability, rapid growth

Client Success Story:

Services: Display Advertising, Paid Search

Since Page Zero began managing paid search for this client in 2004, they’ve achieved “big league” e-commerce status, growing rapidly (sustained, sometimes high, double-digit percentage growth for each of the past eight years). When we first met Jeff Braverman, the business was just getting warmed up, at low six figures in revenue. Today it is far north of $20 million (we’re not allowed to say how far north!).

More details:

  • Today this is a high-volume granular account with 1,000’s of products, considerable seasonality, and varying searcher intent in different areas. It requires active, intelligent management to achieve targets.
  • Testing creative over the years has paid huge dividends.
  • In January 2012, Page Zero was by this client’s side for a mission-critical relaunch under the rebranded name (from NutsOnline). New URL’s, new campaign structure, and a need to re-establish data patterns and Quality Scores. Despite this challenge, even after multiple years of high growth, this has been by far and away’s best year.
Q2 2012 AdWords conversions: Up 79.1% year-over-year.

Q2 2012 AdWords revenues: Up 93.8% year-over-year.

Did that cut into profitability? Think again.

Q2 2012 AdWords ROAS: Up 19.6% year-over-year.

These results have not been easy to achieve. You only get out of an account what you put into it. There is a correlation between the level of expertise, depth of analysis, and resource levels that go into an account, and the account’s financial performance.

Even as auction competition heats up, Page Zero optimizes relentlessly and guides clients like through the storm to reach new heights in performance.