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We’re proud of our bus, not only for its snazzy orange color, but because of the people on it! Listed here are the most seasoned members of the Page Zero team.

Andrew Goodman

Founder & President

Andrew Goodman, Page Zero Media

Andrew founded Page Zero Media in 2000 with a plan to figure out how to structure services to the already fast-growing search engine marketing (SEM) segment. Months of planning stemmed from a conviction that the existing service offerings in the field were hard to understand and clumsily executed. When early clients complained that SEO firms weren’t listening to what they actually needed, Andrew listened. Transparency, trust, and terms were all big parts of these client wishlists.

In 2000, paid search was just a glimmer in Google’s eye. Today, it makes up about 10% of the total ($170 billion) advertising pie in the U.S. — offline and online, from all sources combined. That’s the power of accountability.

Andrew’s early tinkering in the field of online marketing heightened his interest in search engines and the “portal wars.” This yielded an influential blog (or what we now call a blog),, co-founded in 1999 with Cory Kleinschmidt. After months of more general research for a book about online marketing, Andrew changed gears and narrowed the focus. He was galvanized by Google’s release of Google AdWords Select in 2002. He released the world’s first “how-to” on AdWords – “21 Ways to Maximize ROI on Google AdWords Select,” in April, 2002, briefly rivaling Eminem’s The Eminem Show for coolness and global sales.

The need to get the right people on the bus increased after this, as consulting business was growing steadily. Page Zero still believes it doesn’t have to be big — just really good. The team grew steadily, but not hugely, over the years.

In 2005, Andrew published Winning Results with Google AdWords (McGraw-Hill; 2nd ed. 2008), considered the leading resource in the field. The book has been translated into six languages.

Andrew has been active on the conference circuit since 2002. He still has an unbroken streak of speaking at every North American SES Conference since 2002 (44 and counting). For the past five years, he has served on the SES Conference’s Global Advisory Board, helping to set the direction for content. In addition, Andrew pens a regular column in the Paid Search channel at

Andrew has also served as an early adviser to technology companies in the field (Clickable, Acquisio, GShift Labs). In 2007, after a brief advising role, he became a co-founder of HomeStars, a consumer review site with aspirations to become the “TripAdvisor for home improvement,” and remains a member of the company’s Board of Directors.

Andrew was educated at the University of Toronto (B.A.) and York University, Toronto (M.A.) and while near-starvation was generating a serious interest in the greener grass of the business world, was near completion of a Ph.D in Political Science, funded briefly by a two-year national SSHRCC Doctoral Fellowship.

Andrew currently divides his time among the conference circuit, Page Zero’s Toronto offices, and homes in Toronto, ON and Fredericton, NB, where he lives with wife Carolyn. The couple enjoy skiing, hiking, and lobster roll consumption in the Atlantic region, and also enjoy the luxury of “commuting” to Toronto regularly to enjoy its endless buffet of dining choices.

Mona Elesseily

Vice President, Online Marketing Strategy

Mona Elesseily, Page Zero Media

Mona joined Page Zero Media in 2004. She combines thought leadership with dedicated account service that takes a holistic view of business strategy, user experience, and killer PPC tactics. In her career, she has significantly improved online marketing performance for companies like Capital One, CareerBuilder, Cathay Pacific, The Pattison Group, Princess Auto, BLR, and Affectiva, to name a few.

Mona is a well-recognized speaker at online marketing events in North America and around the world. Some of the events Mona presents at include Search Engine Strategies (SES), Search Marketing Expo (SMX), Ad:Tech,, Web 2.0 Expo, the International Marketing Conference (IMC), WebmasterWorld (Pub Con) and the International Internet Marketing Association (IIMA).

Mona is the author of two books on Yahoo! and a columnist at Search Engine Land. She also writes for publications like The Huffington Post, iMedia Connection, the BC American Marketing Association, and Multichannel Merchant, to name a few.

Mona has spearheaded numerous initiatives at Page Zero, including seminars, business development, and Page Zero’s cutting-edge “lunch and learn” sessions.

She is on the advisory board of Acquisio Inc. and she is an active member of the search and online marketing community. She is passionate about strategic online marketing and challenging online marketing projects.

In her spare time, Mona is an active volunteer, and faces the weekend dilemma of choosing between the urban sophistication and natural beauty that is beautiful Vancouver, BC.

Dean Towers

Vice President, Client Services

Dean Towers, Page Zero MediaDean has been with Page Zero since inception and is deeply immersed in client accounts, working with partners, and mentoring newcomers. Dean’s blue-chip client experience is second to none. He has headed up projects that have included mission-critical work for large corporate clients such as Capital One, E*Trade Financial, PayPal, Yahoo, and (UK), and numerous others. He also enjoys working with growth companies such as Wave Accounting and Clio.

Dean believes that when a client chooses Page Zero, that client’s business must be treated like it is his own. That philosophy is conveyed to our growing team.

Previously, Dean held consulting positions in the corporate finance and investor relations field. He mainly worked with start-ups and high-growth firms which have needed expertise in business plans, financing, and corporate relations. Dean earned a four-year B.Comm. degree from the University of Toronto.

A Toronto expatriate, Dean currently resides in Moncton, NB, where his non-work passions include Rescue Dogs, practicing but not playing golf, and avoiding home improvement by escaping to the Amherst Shore.

Cory Kleinschmidt

Vice President, Findability

Cory KleinschmidtAs Vice President of Findability, Cory leads Page Zero’s visibility improvement services, which include SEO, website development and information architecture. He takes time to understand our clients’ business and marketing objectives, employing creativity and years of past project data to improve client ROI.

Cory has been associated with Andrew Goodman since 1999, when the pair co-founded, the respected search marketing industry portal. From 1999 to 2005, he served as Director of Internet Strategy for a mid-sized healthcare investment group in Atlanta, where he led the internet marketing division. Under his leadership, the company built a network of hospital software sites and physician job boards that helped increase the company’s annual revenue from $10 million to $100 million in just five years. He has also worked as a multimedia developer, web designer and newspaper copy editor.

In 2002, he co-created, a wine lifestyle portal for consumers. He believes that after a long day of work and being a father, it is his right to enjoy a glass of wine. Ok, maybe two, but who’s counting?

Cory holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Missouri. He lives in St. Louis with his wife and three children in a restored Craftsmen house built in 1911. He freely admits worshiping at the altar of St. Louis Cardinals baseball.

Dave Weber

Senior Account Director

Dave ensures that the Toronto office is always stocked with green tea and sufficient munchies from clients like La Tienda and

In Page Zero’s opinion, Dave may be the most successful graduate of the Fanshawe College Business Administration Marketing Program of all time. Dave has a comprehensive approach to business strategy, a solid arsenal of tools, and a passion for learning new methods, techniques, and reporting styles. He is also active in mentoring newcomers.

Dave joined Page Zero in 2007. Since Day 1, Dave has been proactive in anticipating and serving client needs on mission critical accounts for companies like Canadian Tire, Torstar, Postmedia Digital, Direct Energy, Pure Energies, and numerous others.

A solid communicator, Dave has recently joined the conference speaker list at Page Zero with a recent talk at SMX Toronto on Killer PPC Tools.

Dave has earned the nickname “Jack Bauer,” after the Kiefer Sutherland character, as his thoroughness is matched only by his composure.

Dave lives in Toronto with his wife, Kristen.


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