Our Story

Page Zero’s consulting business grew rapidly in tandem with the growth of Google AdWords after Google launched the pay-per-click version of AdWords (then called AdWords Select) in February 2002. This unfamiliar but far-reaching method of bringing advertisers targeted, measurable traffic led first to mass confusion, then curiosity, and finally, a steady growth in the new era in accountable online advertising.

At the mass confusion stage in March 2002, Andrew Goodman wrote a report about how to get over the hump of AdWords frustration, towards making it into a smoothly-running, well-tested, and measurable customer generation system. The report had begun its life as some innocent debunking-style posts on a Yahoo! Finance thread. Andrew argued with anonymous posters who posted hypercritically on Google’s “confusing” new system; these critics were bent on touting the merits of the “easier-to-use” pay-per-click pioneer, Overture. For awhile there, the critics would have you believe that Google was reinventing the whole world of advertising by incorporating relevancy measures into the keyword auction! (They were reinventing advertising, of course. But it wasn’t a bad thing.)

The rants turned into an eight-page outline, and then a fifty-page how-to document. Future editions of the eBook clocked in at over 100 pages. First titled “21 Ways to Maximize ROI on Google AdWords,” and going against the “freebie” grain by actually charging money for valuable information, Goodman’s popular report has now helped over 25,000 advertisers achieve their ROI goals.

Consulting, speaking, and networking grew rapidly from there, as did the industry as a whole. Andrew Goodman later produced a full-length book, Winning Results with Google AdWords (McGraw-Hill, 2005). Winning Results with Google AdWords and Mona Elesseily’s Mastering Panama: A Special Report on Yahoo’s New Search Marketing Platform (2007) are considered the leading resources in the field of paid search.

To serve clients, Page Zero has built a solid core of online marketing professionals who today bring their seasoned multidisciplinary approach to bear on projects large and small, aiming to take client campaigns to new levels of performance.

We’re also proud of our long-standing relationships with other service agencies and subject matter experts. Currently, we maintain some strategic partnerships with several complementary agencies, working with them to deliver services in our area of expertise (mainly PPC).

Patiently waiting out the “wild west” environment that characterized the Internet advertising industry back at the turn of the century, we’ve sought to be provocative and engaging in our communications, but always balanced and customized in our implementation philosophy. Our track record speaks for itself: we’ve implemented hundreds of AdWords campaigns, and scores of related accountable marketing projects, and continue to receive rave reviews, favorable mentions in the press, and word of mouth support from clients.

Andrew originally launched Page Zero in 2000 as a company devoted to thinking about online content, portals, business models, and the rise of search as a marketing channel. The name “Page Zero” was chosen as a metaphor for the portal companies’ ascendance. To get to anything online (page one), most consumers and advertisers have to go through these major Internet monopolies in some way, thus paying a toll to those who control “page zero.” This trend has only magnified with the rise of Google and Facebook as dominant global Internet brands.


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